Learn About Our Magnesium-Based Products

Let’s Talk About Magnesium, For a Moment... 

Magnesium is one of our body’s most important minerals. It is needed to create energy … and to absorb other nutrients, like calcium and potassium.

Magnesium is found in green vegetables, like spinach, beans and peas – and also in whole grains. But scientific studies show more than 60 percent of Americans do not receive their recommended daily allowance of Magnesium.

Oral supplements are not an option because, when ingested … Magnesium has laxative effects. 


Magnesium deficiency contributes to muscle cramping and discomfort in two ways: 

  • Without enough Magnesium, the body can’t make enough energy to feed our muscle cells; therefore, energy-depleted muscles can cramp. 
  • Additionally, Magnesium is a great detoxifier. It allows muscles to relax and release toxins. Magnesium also helps neutralize lactic acid. 


Even with slight deficiencies of Magnesium, our muscles can begin to spasm … and that discomfort can be magnified in people with sensitive nerves.

Self-care with Magnesium helps start a positive feedback-loop, that helps your body recuperate.  Unlike analgesics that mask pain, Magnesium allows you to target areas for instant discomfort-relief …  without the worry of pharmaceutical side-effects or drug interactions.

Using Magnesium Sulfate products helps your body relax – and helps your muscles access vital nutrients.


Magnesium helps get you back on the road to recovery.